Dowry ridden wedding’s boycott campaign gaining momentum

Dowry ridden wedding’s boycott campaign gaining momentum

Aleem Khan Falaki, Prof. Anees Chishti, Maulana Md. Yousuf, Dr. Anwar Ali Shah, Ayaz Al Shaikh and Imran Qamar led the boycott appeal in Gulbarga, Parbhani and Hyderabad

A large number of youths, both boys and girls, are overwhelmingly supporting the campaign and putting their signatures on the pledge not to entertain the invitation where the bride’s parents are burdened with the dinner or the dowry. At the end of a 10-day campaign in Gulbarga, Hyderabad, Parbhani and Jittur, Aleem Khan Falaki, president Socio Reforms Society of India, said that over 1000 people participated in the campaign elsewhere and endorsed their full fledge support to the boycott appeal. He said that the appeal is getting very positive response from the leading Ulema, Muftis and intellectuals.

At Gulbarga, separate functions were held for boys and girls at National college under KBN Society. Javed Amjad, Principal, Dr. Najmuddin Najmi and Ayaz Al-Sheikh, President Socio Reforms Society Gulbarga Chapter, too addressed the students and took pledge for boycott. A public function was organized by “Payame Insaniyat” and addressed by Prof. Anees Chishti, Maulana Mufti Mohammed Yousuf saharanpuri and Aleem Khan Falaki. All the speakers stressed that the dowry and the wedding day dinner are not the matter of affordability but the matter of violation of Sunnat of the Prophet SAWS. If the Prophet SAWS and his companions did not exercise an act, no Muslim is supposed to do it.

At Parbhani and Jittur, Dr. Anwar Ali Shah, a veteran social activist and President of Socio reforms society Parbhani Chapter, successfully organized the campaign. The functions were addressed by the Deputy Mayor Mohammed Khalid Sajju bhai, Mufti Kaleem Bieg and Saleem Mohiuddin. Various Ulema and Madarsas supported the campaign and approved the call as the call of the hour.

At Hyderabad, some 35 youths including 11 girls joined the campaign to stop the Un-Islamic wedding parties which are crushing the Muslim morale as well economy. To stop this, a group of youths led by Imran Qamar, Adnan Qamar, Israr Ahmed, Sultan Salahuddin and Shahid Sayeed started a campaign on the famous social website Face book under “Don’t be a beggar, say no to dowry” . Several youths responded and, eventually, gathered at Ashoka Chambers , Masab Tank to kick off the historic campaign of boycott in Hyderabad on 12th July 2012.
Aleem Khan Falaki, Chairman Socio Reforms Society of India, shed the light on Why the Dowry is illegitimate in Islam, how important is to stop the wedding day dinner and how badly the society is going towards destruction due to the extravagance incurred in the whole marriage system. He emphasized that unless the well-off people who are hardly 10 to 15% in the society will not stop such un-Islamic acts of the weddings, the majority of the community will not be able to be saved from the immorality. As a result of the dowry and dinners, the middle class and the lower class are facing severe financial difficulties. On one hand the unemployment is increasing and on the other hand several immoral acts are taking root in the society only to be able to afford the marriages otherwise the daughters are going astray. He stressed that the boycott of such parties is the need of the hour. The boycott should be loud and clear to stir the conscience of the people.
Shaikh Ahmed Ali, Director INN news channel welcomed the call and said that the marriage is an industry. The textile, gold and marriage halls etc are all connected with this industry. The campaign may face enormous opposition as even the religious authorities are willingly or unwillingly involved in this business. He suggested that the campaign has to be launched in a peaceful manner and strategies must be made very carefully.
Miss Rahmatunnisa said that the reform in the wedding system is the vital part of the Islamic Dawa today. The men are being sold and the women in the pursuit of buying the men is losing her dignity, rights and morale. The society is turning very fast in to a corrupted society. She stressed that the bride’s side too is equally responsible for the damage.
Some girls declared that they will not marry anyone who will demand or expect the dowry. Among these bold and determined girls, there were Dr. Zunnoor Najeeb, Khalida Begum and Safa Najeeb who said the boycott may upset many inviters but it will create awakening in the society.
Khalida Begum, a social activist and good speaker said that once the girls will become bold enough to turn down the dowry ridden marriage proposals, the time will come when the men will be compelled to beg for the girls.
Israr Ahmed, an Enineer, said that the dowry is a blackmail. Not only the poor or middle class but rich and NRIs too are compelled to be blackmailed for their sisters and daughters. He presented examples of how the NRIs too are suffering due to the dowry evil.
Adnan Imran who anchored the session, said that this is new historic beginning. He said that there were of course many instances of such campaigns in the past but that time the technology was not so much developed. Now there are social websites, You tube, Yahoo and Google groups etc to help to spread the messages very fast.
Mohammed Saleem , Secretary RTI said he will initiate the college meetings and spread the message among the students who are fast recipients of such revolutionary topics.
Miss Zahra Bint Zaki Ahmed said that she is ready to go door to door to campaign against the dowry and persuade the women to boycott such parties. All the girls agreed to the suggestion and promised to participate in the campaign.
All the participants pledged to extend the message to others and gather min. 1 lakh youths to support the boycott.

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